Stylish Layout Ideas for Your Bedroom

When looking for stylish and affordable ideas for your bedroom, the ideal color option for the wall art always tops the list. Whether the art is designed alongside your bed frame or above it, it’s a critical component of the bedroom. Bedroom murals can bring life in your sleep space and also enhance your personality.

Like all home décor, the perfect art design is personal. You can consult interior design experts to help you to select the right art design for your bedroom. The choice of art for your bedroom can be influenced by many factors such as your geographical setting and the size of your bedroom.

To help you come up with the perfect interior design ideas for your bedroom, we highlight several inspiring bedroom layout ideas that are ultra-modern and easy to pull off. We’ve also featured some brief tips on how to create suitable bedroom murals. Check it all below!

1. Hang an Oversized Mirror

Having a statement mirror in your bedroom; mostly above the bed is likely to upgrade the appeal of the room. The mirror creates a central point and also helps to reflect light and will enhance your space to give it an airy feel, irrespective of the size or style of your room.

You can complement the uniquely designed mirror with shades of crisp whites to help give it a flair feel. When placed on the wall, the mirror can serve as a functional piece of art that is eye-catching.

2. Showcase Your Collections

If your bedroom is small, and the floor space is limited, consider a vertical design. The wall space around and above your bed is an ideal spot for displaying art. You can design a wall shelving with a chest of drawers( where you can store your collection of antiques from your travels.

In case you’re looking to bring a warm feel to your bedroom, you can select a streamlined shelving design and choose neutral art and warm tones; mostly wooden, to give it a modern look.

3. Select Bold Colors

You can paint the bedroom walls using bold colors to give the décor a unique design. Utilize unused space using a charming wall color to create a backdrop that allows your furniture pieces to stand out.

You may consider soothing yet bold wall colors, such as neutrals or shades of green, while the finishing can feature strong lines that differ from the walls. This type of design can help to recreate a cool but industrial charm while still maintaining a relaxed vibe.

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